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Ocala Carpet Protection

Ocala Carpet Protection

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Do you have pets and are raising children or just plain accident prone? You may want to consider protecting your carpet once you've had it professionally cleaned. A very good idea especially if you answered yes to any of the above. By doing so, you will have piece of mind knowing most all wet and dry soils would have no chance in staining or ruining your carpet. These products work by creating a protective layer around every fiber in your carpet as it dries so soils and even acids from food and drink do not penetrate. This also can allow for a more even wear appearance in the carpet over time between cleanings.

As with most protective related products, there is a certain level of maintenance required to achieve near perfect results but it is quite minimal. A routine vacuuming is one basic form but actually very important. It keeps the small abrasive particles out of your carpet which not only wear your carpet fibers out faster but also the protective film around them. Something else to keep off the carpet are shoes, a very big abrasive particle causing lots of problems as well.

We simply spray the product on the carpet at the appropriate spread rate and once it dries that's it! It generally takes between 1 to 6 hrs to dry completely before use and multiple coats may be needed depending on the carpet type. All situations are unique in it's requirement for protection so let the professionals at A Accredited Restorations help with that!

A Accredited Restorations Inc. offers you a one stop shop when it comes to anything to do with your carpet cleaning or restoration needs. Please allow us to show you the difference of a company who knows the difference!

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