Special Requests

Special Requests

Providing Special Request Services

Another way we have come to set ourselves apart from your standard floor company, is by offering multiple special services. We want our customers to have the ability to receive our same quality of business in area's past your floor. This is easy for us in some aspects since our equipment can be quite versatile, but in some cases the only way to say it is we've just got the "nack" for it.

We like to say we're a finishing type of business, meaning we come in at the end to make it look like it's supposed to! To have this philosophy you must pay an incredible amount of attention to details, the fine little things that make such a big impact on the result. With every service you see listed this is key, and the reason we are involved. If you are unable to locate your exact request please remember to please give us a call!

Upholstery Cleaning and Protection
Often forgot about is maintaining the furniture in your home. In fact, how long has it been since you vacuumed it? Or had it professionally cleaned? Your upholstery gets quite dirty so having it cleaned once a year is recommended at minimum just like your floors. We use our same truck mounted equipment with dedicated tool for cleaning sofa's, chairs, patio furniture, you name it! When we are done, we offer protection for the fabric against staining just like carpet if you desire. If it has a zipper, maybe use your washing machine and save yourself some money, otherwise give us a Call at (352) 598-6007. Learn More...

General Pressure Washing
We offer basic pressure cleaning services of driveways, porches, walks, decks, houses, or anything else that can be pressure cleaned.

Chattahoochee Floor Cleaning
We also offer Chattahoochee Floor Cleaning services. We have the best equipment capable of getting Chattahoochee Flooring as clean as possible. Learn More...

Deck Restoration & Deck Repair
Deck Restoration & Deck Repair can include completely stripping the old thick coats of paint, leveling lippage between the boards, as well as flattening all of the nail heads so they are also leveled with the boards. There are many finishing options including a new textured deck over product which creates a clean non-slip finish. Learn More...

Oriental Rug Cleaning
Rugs are sometimes not something you can just hose off or throw in the washer to clean, so when you can't let us help! Regardless of the fabric, we gently hand clean all rugs and when appropriate we also use steam. All cleaning is done on site and protection is again offered as a safeguard from staining.

Auto/RV/Marine Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning
That's right, we do that too! Just get us within a football field of your boat, car, or rv and you can have all the upholstery or carpet on board professionally cleaned. All work is typically done by hand since space is usually very limited but our same high quality truck mounted restoration equipment powers our hand tools. Protection is available for fabrics in the boat, car, or rv if requested but highly recommended for the carpet in your auto.

Ozone Treatment
For the ultimate in odor removal, consider having an ozone treatment performed. When ozone comes in contact with contaminants like viruses, bacteria, or odors it chemically alters their structure until they are destroyed. The area is sealed, machine is placed and run for a specified period of time, and then we return to pick up the equipment, that simple. We are capable of treating up to a 3000 square foot area but the source of the odor MUST be found and eliminated first. Give us a quick Call at (352) 598-6007 for assistance!

Wood Ceiling or other Wood Refinishing Projects
A Accredited Restorations Inc. offers you access to wood refinishing services other than on your floor. This might include items like furniture, doors, cabinets, decks, any exposed exterior wood, or even entire wood ceilings. Wood refinishing is a lot like working with certain flooring types, where multiple stages of tooling are required to achieve a predisposed result. On these type of projects, applying the finish could break the deal, so we stock an HVLP spray system giving us professional, smooth as glass results!

Pool Deck Restoration or Cleaning
Is your pool deck peeling or fading? Maybe you want to change the color. We specialize in the removal, coating, and re-coating of pool deck sealing products. Once your concrete pool deck has been installed, it needs to be sealed with a product designed specifically for this area. These products are not simply a concrete stain or sealer but in fact usually a polymer modified cement product giving anti-slip factors and designed to withstand the vigors of uv rays and harsh pool chemicals protecting the concrete for years. If you're worried about your pool water getting contaminated, don't be, our equipment incorporates strong vacuum so all the mess is removed and held in our waste tank. A basic high pressure steam clean can also be performed, with no sealing services, if you have a pool deck in good condition. Call us at (352) 598-6007 or fill out the simple online request form for more information!

Shower Restoration and Cleaning
Professional high pressure shower steam cleaning and restoration available through A Accredited Restorations Inc. Soap scum, mold, mildew, and hard water stains are some of the most ridiculous things to remove off the shower we have ever seen! Dong this by hand is next to impossible sometimes unless it has been maintained, so we use high pressure steam up to 2500 psi to assist with this. We use a mini version of our floor extractor to bring this capability in the shower and combining this with special chemicals, results are impressive! It is possible that grout is beyond restoration in the shower, so in these cases grout replacement is offered as a permanent solution. Learn More...

Carpet Restretching and Threshold Installation
If your carpet has wrinkles or humps running thru it, you most certainly have a problem. These spots will wear out faster than the rest, especially if located in a high traffic area, so you need your carpet pulled tight again. We offer carpet restretching services on all types of carpet to residential or commercial customers. In a location where two different types of flooring meet, a threshold is usually required. In some cases it works great to install a threshold piece if an animal has dug up the carpet near the doorway on the inside of one of your rooms. This makes for a nice way to help hold the carpet down since the lamination is probably weakened, preventing a solid hold in the tack strip. We specialize in all kinds of threshold installations to help fit your individual needs! Call us at (352) 598-6007 to find out!

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