Ocala Paver Sealing

Ocala Paver Sealing

Ocala Paver Sealing

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Immediately following the installation of pavers, it is highly recommended to have them professionally cleaned and protected. Unlike ceramic or most porcelain tile in your house which has a hardened protective finish baked on from the factory, pavers are highly porous and subject to staining or discoloration very easily. Leaving them unprotected could result in a condition resolved only by replacement. The two practiced ways of performing this are either the use of a penetrating sealer or a top coat sealer.

Penetrating sealers are a great way to protect your pavers but not change the appearance because they absorb and protect from within the brick. Some individuals like the natural raw look of the brick and don't want any shine so these products are great for that. The process of applying is simple, usually one spray coat and it's complete, however, these type of sealers typically will not offer extended periods of protection like top coating. Penetrating sealers are generally lower in cost as compared to top coat sealers but could cost more in the long run because they may not last as long. Every situation is unique based off many factors so protecting your investment strictly off price is probably not the best practice here.

The other popular form of protection for your pavers is top coating with some form of clear sealer. These come in a variety of formulations based off different chemicals and multiple levels of shine are attainable. Unlike penetrating sealers, top coat sealers harden on the surface creating a protection layer on top of the brick, causing a shine. Putting multiple coats of a high quality top coat sealer on your pavers will make them look as if they are wet and can offer you a longer period of protection than from within.

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Before Paver Cleaning
Before Paver Cleanings

Paver sealing and color enhancement without slippery wet look application in progress
Paver sealing in progress

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