Paver Cleaning & Sealing Examples

Ocala Paver Sealing

Ocala Paver Cleaning & Sealing Examples

See Our Paver Cleaning, Paver Sealing and Paver Color Enhancement Application Examples

Immediately following the installation of pavers, it is highly recommended to have them professionally cleaned and protected. Unlike ceramic or most porcelain tile in your house which has a hardened protective finish baked on from the factory, pavers are highly porous and subject to staining or discoloration very easily. Leaving them unprotected could result in a condition resolved only by replacement. The two practiced ways of performing this are either the use of a penetrating sealer or a top coat sealer.

A properly installed and maintained paver driveway, walkway, or patio is one thing that can add a tremendous amount of curb appeal and value to your property. On the other hand, pavers not properly maintained will be a bigger eye sore than you expected. Most companies who install pavers do not actually carry the equipment necessary to properly maintain them, quite frankly it's a different service all together. This is why here at A Accredited Restorations we feel it makes more sense to deal with a company who meets your specific needs.

A Accredited Restorations Inc. offers you any form of protection for your pavers so please give us a call at (352) 598-6007 for your free estimate!

Check out some of our recent & local paver cleaning and paver sealing projects including this paver sealing and color enhancement without slippery wet look application in progress:


Before Paver Cleaning
Before Paver Cleanings

Paver sealing and color enhancement without slippery wet look application in progress
Paver sealing in progress

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