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A properly installed paver driveway, walkway, or patio is one thing that can add a tremendous amount of curb appeal and value to your property. This is at least the case whilst being properly maintained. On the other hand, pavers not properly maintained will be a bigger eye sore than you expected and will need repair. Most companies who install pavers do not actually carry the equipment necessary to properly maintain them, quite frankly it's a different service all together. This is why here at A Accredited Restorations we feel it makes more sense to deal with a company who meets your specific needs. We feel just because a contractor can perform an install does not mean they are qualified to practice cleaning and restoration services. All we have specialized in for over 10 years is the care, maintenance, and restoration of all types of surfaces, not installation.

Your pavers may be growing weeds or have even completely changed colors, doesn't matter to us we can handle it! We offer repairs and re-sanding as well since this is needed to offer a complete restoration package. Did you know certain types of sand used to lock in your pavers to help prevent insect migration and weed growth in the joints leaves a tough film behind if not properly removed will conflict with sealing them? A big problem since most installation contractors go right from installing to selling you on sealing unaware of how much it could cost you to rectify the problem in the future. Unfortunately A Accredited Restorations does not perform and bill to installing contractors for warranty related work.

Once pavers go thru our cleaning process you have the option to seal them. We've heard many times it's required and it is not however there are risks involved with unsealed masonry substrates. You also have the choice on how you would like them sealed so don't forget to explore this option once you have them cleaned.

We understand your pavers were a big investment and it's important to have all your questions answered so please give us a call at (352) 598-6007 or fill out the simple online contact form for further assistance!


Paver Cleaning In Progress
Paver Cleaning In Progress

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