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Industrial Coatings including epoxy and urethane are a very popular choice for large areas of flooring needing a very durable finish at a relatively low cost. We have the tools and experience to properly prepare your existing surface and install your new Industrial Coating on any size floor.

Something we are asked a lot is if we offer just the service of properly cleaning a floor and/or removing an old peeling, flaking or failing coating that has created a nasty eye sore or making it impossible to clean and yes we do! With no further commitment, we will even just help you properly prepare it for the task you will complete on your own. Let us know what you decide and we will be glad to help!

In the first example you can see that Crystal Ford had over 20 years of oil soaked concrete restored thru diamond grinding, chemical scrub down with a high pressure stream clean and epoxy application.

In the second example you can see before and after images of the Industrial Coating process including the existing coating being properly cleaned and prepared for new product to adhere properly.

The third example is at the Ocala Boat Club. Here you can see cementus terrazzo during the cleaning process, and the finished product with a continually renewable high-performance urethane applied.

The fourth example is a special request for black high performance urethane on a brick Lanai.  



20 Years Of Oil Soaked Concrete
20 Years Of Oil Soaked Concrete

After Epoxy Coating Application
After Industrial Coating Application

Existing Epoxy Cleaning In Progess
Existing Cleaning In Progress

Existing Epoxy Cleaning & Preparation
Existing Cleaning & Preparation

After Industrial Epoxy Coating
After Industrial Coating

Industrial Epoxy Coating Complete
Industrial Coating Complete

before high performance urethane coating
Terrazzo During Cleaning

high performance urethane Coating Complete
High-Performance Urethane Coating Applied

black high performance urethane on a brick Lanai
Black High Performance Urethane
high performance urethane on a brick Lanai
High Performance Urethane On Brick Lanai


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