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We want you to know what you're supposed to have. The photo shows a concrete slab in our preliminary stages of heavy grinding, the most important part of the project! Have you ever seen bad body work on a shiny car? Well it's no different on a floor, you're going to see every imperfection once the shine hits. So when you're looking into polished concrete if you buy on set price, time or what they call "passes" you're going to suffer the consequences.

The grid on the left shows significantly more gray areas than the grid on the right, these are low spots in the concrete. When left behind these will produce dull spots and a wavy floor with squiggly reflections all over the place which are unfortunately acceptable results by most but not the way it's supposed to be.

The grid on the right has much more to go but you can see the difference plainly versus the left. We spend the time it takes to produce better work. How do you know in two "passes" or 8 hours if the floor is ready to proceed? This is where you get a poor return on your money. We strive for perfection because if you can do better why not? This produces the highest quality work hands down.

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stages of polished concrete
Stages Of Concrete Polishing

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