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The photos below illustrate what a drum sander does to the surface of a wood floor. You can see what is called chatter marks in one photo which are small tightly spaced lines perpendicular to the grain. These are unavoidable no matter how skilled the user of a drum sander. They are produced by the resistance of the wood against the sander causing it to sand up and down on the surface. This happens because the drum on the machine holding the sandpaper is above the wood rotating down at it instead of rubbing across it. And depending on your choice of a finish product, they can be visible in the end.

In another photo you can see what is called a stall mark, a dark channel matching on each board a few inches from the wall. This is where the user of a drum sander stopped moving the machine before lifting the drum from the floor. This creates valleys in the floor which you can see once shiny.

Our equipment is designed completely different than a drum sander therefore these unfortunate conditions will not be present in any of our fully restored wood floors.

As with other flooring types, A Accredited Restorations Inc. offers you access to multiple high quality finish options for your wood floor restoration. Low sheen through high gloss options and even special high end ceramic fortified clear-coats not offered through other floor maintenance or restoration contractors are available. For more information just give us a call at (352) 598-6007 or request a free online quote to get started!


Chatter Marks
Chatter Marks

Stall Marks
Stall Marks

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